How to Outsource Your Graphic Design


All internet marketers and webmasters know how valuable effective graphic design can be. If you want to produce premium graphics, there are 2 ways for it to occur. You will either have to dole it out to an employee in your company or employ an outside expert to do it for you. In this article, we will go over a few things that you should remember if your intent is to go with an outside pro to do your graphic design.

Give Proper Job Descriptions

You can give information to your graphic designer in two basic formats, which are broad and specific. Let us examine the broad term first. Basically, you would give your graphics designer a very broad or vague description of things if you want her to handle the project by herself. Also, this technique can be applied when you haven’t quite made up your mind just yet. This generally happens whenever you outsource your company logo. So a broad description would be something like – I want a logo designed for my website or I want an eCover for my eBook.

Use Mock Ups

Coming to the specific design, this is when you have an idea in your mind that you would want to see on paper. But, when you give your project to another person to handle, you must make certain that this person understands your specific descriptions. For instance, there might be things in particular that you want taken care of when it comes to your company mascot. The details that you give out have to be involved indeed. This is so that your graphic designer will not find it too difficult to handle.

Reasonable Deadlines

If you don’t want your project hanging mid-way or take forever to complete, then understand the importance of having a deadline. When the graphic designer has a definite deadline, there’s less of a chance that the job will be put on hold or forgotten. You should expect to pay more when you get the freelancer to agree to a firm deadline, especially if it’s short notice. At the same time, if you give too much room to your graphic designer and make it too extensive, then the designers will most definitely leave your work till the last minute, which is something you definitely don’t want happening. The best type of deadline is one that ensures the task will be completed soon without making it such a priority that you’ll have to pay extra to have it done fast. But it’s always better to have some flexibility because many times the work will overrun. Making the deadline reasonable will help you in more than one way in getting the work done on time, without the quality being affected.

Include Revisions

It might take a while before you’re able to get the final design of your graphic done. But, do not forget that if the design does not meet your expectations, you can get adjustments. Do not accept designs that are not up to your quality standards. Most designers will provide a lot of changes until you get what you want. This is the way that graphic designers produce strong client relationships that last for years. Since you are a paying client, you should get your money’s worth. So do not hesitate to let your designer know how you feel.

Do not forget that by researching you determine which are the best graphics for you and invest your money wisely.

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