Prescription Medical Papers


Security Paper For Doctors

Prescriptions & Medical Papers

Please be advised that the Printer’s Place has the security paper mandated by federal, state & local municipalities to deter illegal production of RX paper.

  • Designed to ensure originality of confidential documentation
  • Reduces the risk of fraud and ensures authentication
  • Ideal for prescription pads, patient records, tests, CAT scans and MRI’s – customization is easy “VOID” pattern appears with attempted duplication
  • Red thermochromatic ink, “VOID” pantographs, artificial watermarks, toner grip, clinically reactive to solvents, invisible fluorescent fibers, coin reactive

Security Features include:

  • Heat-sensitive red thermochromatic ink is instantly visible and verifiable
  • “VOID” pantographs are easily distinguishable across the entire sheet when duplicated
  • Artificial watermarks will clearly stand out when document is scraped with a coin
  • Toner adhesion on both sides of sheet prevents tampering by showing an alteration to the ink or paper
  • Chemically reactive papers will display discoloration if a solvent is used to change information
  • Invisible fibers are woven into the paper for the utmost security